Welcome to St Thomas’s & St Bernadette’s

Welcome to the home on the web of St Thomas’s, Riddrie and St Bernadette’s, Carntyne. In addition to our Mass Schedule and Weekly Bulletin you can read about St Thomas’s history and look at a selection of images of our parish life in the Gallery. See also our Reflections page.

St Thomas’s

While visiting the Men’s Guild this week one of the men referred to me as the ‘Captain’. So to continue that sense of fun here are some notes from the Captain:

Once again many thanks for the collection last week. In time I would like to give you a breakdown of how we use your money. I would also like to show you how much is coming in and from where (e.g. the Hall, Collections, Votives). I would also like for us to make more use of the Hall and have already agreed to support the Parents’ Council for St Thomas’s primary for some of their after-school initiatives. I visited the Men’s Guild last week and I’m convinced that I was cheated out of a game of pool – but I don’t want to make big thing about it. Just saying … (Ok, truth is that I got beaten!)

I was also delighted to see the Hall used recently for a post-Baptism party and also for a Funeral tea. I would like to encourage the use of the Hall and thank those who volunteer in the Hall and give up their time and for all their efforts.

I hope parents and children enjoy the holiday ahead. I would encourage you to come in during the week with your children for Mass or just to visit when the Church is open.

St Bernadette’s

Many thanks to Jimmy Stirling for assisting us with a tour of the church and the basement which unfortunately was closed up and has been since 2005. According to the Asbestos Register retained at the diocese there is indeed some concerns and issues which will need to be resolved. I have asked the Diocese to provide an independent survey which will ascertain what needs to be done next. This will mean opening the basement and assessing the levels of asbestos and, if necessary, with the help of a government grant, removing all traces and securing the premises in such a way so as to deal with the other problem of dampness. This will mean giving everyone a bucket, forming a chain, and pouring the water down the nearest drain (only joking.…) In reality, as you are probably aware, we will pump the water out to a secure location. Once the survey and assessment is complete, I will appoint (after 6 months) a Fabric and Finance Committee for St Bernadette’s.